2016 Email Predictions gone wrong – read on for hits & giggles!

Key Highlights:

• Will we begin to see privacy as a selling point?

• Triggered email will become a larger slice?

• Email marketing will see a second coming of age?

We have rounded up a selection of past email predictions from 2016 for your curiosity and amusement. It’s an interesting mix of those who hit the mark and those who just got it wrong.

Okay, we do have to commend all those involved for going out on a limb and making some brave statements and many are probably just well ahead of their time or maybe even wishful thinking. Read on for hits and giggles

“Consider email design for smart watches” Janis Serzants, Maligen.

Smart watches weren’t quite as well received by consumers as originally expected. With further product development, future releases may be more successful. Unless you have a very niche audience, designing for smart watch display is not something you need to spend time on.  DUHDOH 🙊


“Email marketing will experience a second coming of age in 2016, thanks to mobile strategies, more integrations and more insights from data.” Chad White, Litmus.

You hit the nail on the head with this one Chad! Email and the integration of email as the core to a multi-channel marketing solution is proving to be a hit. HIT! 🤘🏻


“In 2016 and beyond, cloud and email based platforms will begin to need to use privacy as a selling point, or create a value proposition around their privacy posture and policies.” Dennis Dayman, Return Path.

In some industries, such as banking and finance, this is and always has been true, however for many clients and consumers, providing personal information or data has become second nature. It is not necessary to use privacy as a selling point – it is an expectation. DUHDOH 🙊


“We’ll see more shopping experiences in email.” Jason Rodriguez, Litmus.

The in-email shopping experience is a strong interest and focus for the retail industry but there is no evidence of this yet. The technology to support this is still in the development stage and needs some refining to make way for more interactive emails and shopping experiences in the inbox. AHEAD OF THEIR TIME 🤓


“Hyper-targeted emails will become the norm” Daniel Codella, Zurb.

Although many organisations are mastering personalisation, as a collective we still have a long way to go. Understanding the importance of personalised or hyper targeted emails is certainly more common place but as marketers we still have a long way to go in terms of successfully delivering the experience. DUHDOH 🙊


Email predictions sarcastic cat


“Gmail will drop support for animated emojis in subject lines.” Chad White, Litmus.

Emojis in subject lines are a precede with caution area. Whether they are well received or not is very dependent on the messages and audience you are targeting. Be careful to not appear like you are desperate to get attention with the overuse of emojis. Even though many marketers have abandoned the subject line fad, Gmail are still supporting emoji use. WHISHFUL THINKING 🤞🏻


“Triggered email will become a larger slice of the overall email landscape in 2016 and beyond. Companies are collecting massive amounts of data that allow the savviest marketers the unique ability to automate more of their email communication strategy.” Len Shneyder, SparkPost.

Data collection was a heavy focus for companies in 2016, as more companies realised the importance of continued data enrichment to drive more targeted campaigns. HIT! 🤘🏻


“Animation will drive epic email engagement” Jaymin Bhuptani, Email Monks

We would all love this to be true, but unfortunately animation is still unsupported across many email providers – hopefully this will ring true in 2017. WISHFUL THINKING 🤞🏻


“Gmail won’t start supporting media queries.” Chad White, Litmus

Well thankfully in this case Litmus were wrong! Take a look at their Gmail update Live Ticker to get the most current information about the rollout and what it means for email marketers. DUHDOH 🙊


“A new breed of nimbler email service providers will launch, to provide improved feature sets, better partnerships, and more responsive support to small and midsize business.” Seth Weisfeld, Engagement Manager, Pinterest.

If you are a part of or have been following the development of marketing technology, you would already be aware if the growth of new and emerging companies. 2016 didn’t not see any slowing down, with a staggering 3,874 marketing technology solutions on the market – that’s a 106% increase from 2015!  WIN! 🤘🏻

Email predictions Martech landscape 2016


“Email will see a flourishing of animation and video in 2016 and beyond. You might call it wishful thinking, but I see the transition from static to animated experiences in email as the next big story email can tell.” Jessica Best from Barkley.

We call it wishful thinking. Although this is definitely an area where marketers are chafing at the bit, we are relying heavily on email providers to support animated experiences to roll this out at scale. WISHFUL THINKING 🤞🏻

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