Your email marketing software is only as powerful as the strategy and people driving it.

That’s why we offer email marketing services independent of email platform, including our own enterprise multi-channel platform (TractionNext) and best-in-class software like Adobe Campaign.

What is customer-centric marketing?

To truly derive and deliver value from your 1 to 1 marketing, you need to understand your customer. That’s why we offer more than most email services providers – we help you strategically collect and deploy data, acquire quality subscribers, and discover how to engage customers in the long term with advanced segmentation.

Redefining campaigns as conversations

Email technology now allows brands to engage customers 1 to 1 – at scale. However, most organisations still lack the internal capabilities needed put their intentions into practice. Traction Digital arms you with the expert team, tools and tactics you need, on an as-needed basis.

There at every step of your customer lifecycle

With 1 to 1 marketing, your customers are in control of whether they hear from you. Your email marketing campaigns therefore need to be welcomed to the inbox. We strategise and implement for each step of your customer lifecycle, so that your customers value each email or SMS as much as you do.

Technical best practice execution

We make sure your templates are set up to streamline content targeting. Then we continually monitor your deliverability to ensure your emails actually make it to inboxes, and display optimally on any device. Discover how technical changes can benefit your email marketing success.

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