Improving the retail customer experience with an in-store app and integrated marketing automation

Key Highlights:

• Solution overview

• Customer focus & promotional drivers

• Streamlining & automating the sales process

• Reporting insights & customer learning

Traction Digital created the in-store app used by Bay Leather Republic sales consultants to easily build design concepts, select colour changes and create on the spot quotes with the easy drag and drop tool. The app also integrates with the TractionNext marketing automation platform to collect customer data and fast track sales.


  • Provide better customer experience in store
  • Continue the digital experience in-store
  • Streamline and automate the sales process
  • Access to centralised data

Solution at a glance

  • TractionNext automation platform
  • App technology design and build
  • Personalised and dynamic content functionality
  • Supporting more than 50,000 variations and customisations
  • Centralised data management

Customer focus & promotion drivers

Bay Leather Republic are leather and hide furniture specialists of contemporary leather sofas and timeless classic pieces, part of Steinhoff International, one of the largest furniture retail and manufacturing groups in the world.

Bay Leather Republics in store consultants help customers make the right furniture selections combining individual style with leading trends. As a continuation of this customer focus, Bay Leather Republic wanted to help their customers fully explore the possibilities of a customised sofa and enable their consultants with modern technology to do this.

Traction Digital were introduced to Bay Leather Republic through an existing relationship with IPMG Group and SBM Media, to design and build an application tool that would streamline and automate sales processes and merge the retail and digital experience of their customers.


“Within Bay Leather Republic we put our innovation into our sofas, but now we’re putting it into our brand and we’re putting it into our marketing and we’re putting it into all of our digital and we’re keeping up with what everyone else is doing, even I think going above what they are doing.” Says Charmaine Newmark, Store Manager at Bay Leather Republic. “To put this app in and be able to show the customer what they are going to get and to show them how much we have invested in our product, concretes that they have made the right decision.”

Streamlining & automating the sales process

Bay Leather Republic consultants use the app to give a visual demonstration of the full range of leather sofas and furniture. They are able to provide on the spot digital design and room configurations, with a simple drag and drop tool and change colours all within the app. As each up date is made the app automatically calculates the cost and quotes can be emailed to customers for post consultation follow up.

The app is integrated with the TractionNext marketing automation platform that dynamically populates the email with the personalised items selected in the design and quoting process.

“Customer experience is really important and we want to make sure that every customer is happy with the total experience.” Says Bay Leather Republic’s Product and Marketing Manager, Maritoni Salvador, “From making their own sofa, choosing colours and actually seeing it happen in real life, in front of their eyes on the app.”



The app supports more than 30,000 variations and customisations with quotes displaying dynamic fields for; item, range, colour, discount offer, quote number, store identity and more. The “Oder Now” button in the email lets customers place an order in one click.

When a customer clicks the “Order Now” button in the email, the Bay Leather Republic sales consultant is automatically sent a triggered alert from TractionNext with a link to the original quote, prompting them to follow up on the sale.

Reporting insights and customer learning

The data collected through the app and customisable fields are stored in the one central location and provides consultants and marketers with a rich database of insights to provide ongoing personalised communications.

The app technology has been rolled out across all 14 stores nationwide. The adoption of the technology is in the early stages but the capabilities and potential have opened the doors to a huge range of possibilities. With insights into most popular colours, design layouts and store that are getting the highest traffic.

The data has also proved invaluable for internal processes and measurement, with the technology providing sales data and tracking conversions so management can look for areas to improve conversion rates.

“We feel very proud to know that we have brought something to market that no one else has and that we think will just grow and develop for years to come.” Says Salvador.

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