Marketing Tech Symposium 2016 Recap – Marketing Automation & Customer Journey Mapping

Key Highlights:

• The value exchange

• Online and offline customer interactions

• Using automation to learn about customers

• Mobile makes today’s email sexy

• Collecting intelligent data

• Nurture through a friction-less customer journey

From recent data we know that customers no longer follow a direct path from engagement to purchase, they take on a more fluid and sporadic buying pattern, interacting at different points across the customer journey. The good news is; businesses are now able to influence the customer journey through well timed digital touchpoints to guide buyers and influence business outcomes. But to get there we must first understand the behaviour.

Traction Digital joined Australia’s marketing leaders at Marketing Tech Symposium 2016  in the Hunter Valley, to present on customer how marketing automation is providing real world value with customer journey mapping.

The slideshare below highlights how leading organisations are leveraging customer behaviour data to map more personalised customer journey’s:

About the speaker

Chris Lorang, Head of Consulting IPMG (Traction Digital)
As an agile thinker and creative leader, Chris specialises in strategic development and commercial innovation of products, service design and business models. Chris harnesses his appetite for innovation, working across the dynamic team at IPMG, enabling businesses, brands and start-ups to realise commercial potential in this constantly shifting landscape.
Specialising in brand, digital, mobile, content, disruptive and agile thinking, Chris leverages a hybrid environment of ideas, digital and data marketing to understand and add value to executives and teams.

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