Acquire, Engage, Retain: Trade & Consumer Promotions & Competitions

Traction Digital builds hundreds of promotions each year for globally recognised brands.

Our differentiation

Drive Sales with unique or generic codes (like barcodes), to link entries to sales or registrations. Following the promotion we can also automate targeted messaging via SMS or email to drive repeat sales and long term brand loyalty.

Build & advise on almost any competition mechanic involving web, SMS and/or Facebook logins or forms. We also advise on compliance issues to minimise the risk of brand damage.

Design & re-skin the promotion, applying your branding and imagery. This can include both graphic design, user experience design and promotion mechanic design.

Manage the promotion from end-to-end, including marketing the promotion, entry and winner validation, permit applications, contacting winners, data collection, digital fulfilment and producing detailed customer insight reports to inform future campaigns.

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