Sophisticated Email Campaigns Just Got Easier

WalkMe is now available on TractionNext

The TractionNext platforms continues to evolve, improving the user experience and adding value for customers.

The new WalkMe tool accelerates user adoption, employee training and cuts onboarding time for all team members. Allowing you to start producing high converting, engaging communication campaigns from day one.

Reduce user attrition and unsubscribe rates with targeted and perfectly executed, feature packed email campaigns – no matter the skill level of your team members.

WalkMe is an easy to use tool that sits in the bottom right of the screen like a minimised pop up box, waiting to take your marketing team through important campaign elements with a step by step guide.

The full potential of TractionNext, including; email campaigns, forms creation and importing new contacts is now accessible to all users without the need for training.

Activating WalkMe provides a step by step guide, and adds a blue question mark icon next to each field, allowing users to instantly access more information.

For more experienced users, WalkMe can be minimised. Should you need to come back to the tool later it remembers where you were at in building your campaign.

Marketers of all levels can now check their work with real-time guided assistance using a step by step guidebook to direct through unique company business needs for specific campaigns.

TractionNext customers can now increase their internal adoption of our powerful marketing technology that is designed to improve your engagement and sales.

Within minutes, new users can easily add items such as forms, import updated contacts, and create full-featured email campaigns with uploaded file items and personalised to segmented customer lists.

Walk Me lets users of all levels to work comfortably and confidently, without hesitation or doubt.

  • TractionNext feature discovery and dynamic self-help
  • Reduce potential errors in sending sophisticated campaigns
  • Ensure customers get the right information for their needs and your goals

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