Start owning your customer insights and relationships across channels with TractionNext.

Our range of enterprise proprietary platforms and partnership with Adobe Campaign enable multi-channel, omni-channel and distributed marketing.

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Flexible email building options

Accommodating for everyone in your team –
whether they want to use drag & drop with customisable building blocks & templates, HTML and live preview, WYSIWYG, or ZIP uploads.

 Visual campaign navigation & search

Instant search whether you’re looking at live gallery or list view.

Acquire quality subscribers & customers

We provide strategic end to end management of promotions that grow your database with subscribers who stay engaged. Choose a standardised template or have us customise a template for your exclusive re-use.

Engagement promotions

Keep subscribers engaged by learning more about them with polls, quizzes and game of skill promotions, with the data integrating straight into a single customer view.

Sales promotions

Acquire customers as you boost sales with purchase-based entries, using a unique or generic code.

Acquisition promotions

Focus on building your database by incentivising subscribers – with a grand prize or smaller prizes every hour or day.

Trigger conversations


Triggered & transactional messages

Use customer behaviour and anniversary triggered messages to spark ongoing engagement and start new conversations and conversions.

Visual automation builder

Easily build, manage and edit automation workflows – with live thumbnail previews.

Collect & use customer data smarter

Registration forms, surveys & polls to collect data

Easily create or edit forms with drag & drop builders, and streamline sign-ups with Facebook connect. Then simply drop the HTML where your forms need to be. Pre-filling customer data is easy as form builders are fully integrated into the platforms.

Single customer view

Get a big picture view of each customer’s interactions and attributes. Every email, SMS, social campaign, competition or promotion and more can help enrich what you know, and power more engaging content.

Advanced dynamic content to put data to work

Target and manipulate content based on customer preferences and attributes, in-code formulas, or behaviour to improve value and relevancy. Then watch your previews update live as you browse through the emails that different recipients would receive.



Mobile-friendly & responsive

Easily build mobile-ready emails with custom blocks in drag & drop. Preview in real time, and adapt content according to device.

Automated A/B testing

Optimise email results by open or click through rate, in subject line and from fields.

Tracking built in

Link tracking with Google Analytics and Litmus Testing can be turned on, without jumping into email HTML.


To ensure your emails make it to customers’ inboxes, we monitor deliverability and set up a dedicated IP for every client.

Extract insights from reporting

Detailed reporting

In-depth delivery reports help you pinpoint success and failure factors, while benchmark and hotspot reports help you improve content to further engage.

Custom reports

Prefer insights over data? We can tailor custom reports to your specific requirements.

Ensure maximum security

Regular penetration testing
Full disaster recovery environments
Multiple-user accounts with different levels of permission

Integrate & connect easily

Standard Connectors
Two-way data sync
One off set up

Connect across multiple channels


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