Trying to crack the balance between online and offline marketing efforts can feel overwhelming. Ideally, they both need to work together, but trying to streamline them can feel like an impossible task in any size organisation. Then there’s the confusion of how to do it.

A happy marriage between technology and marketing can coordinate a seamless customer experience to give your campaign a competitive advantage.

Here’s our guide to the top 6 proven tactics used by leading marketers to merge online and offline efforts. These practices help ensure that your marketing focuses on the customer and provide more measurable metrics for your campaign.

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Building an email list that converts means understanding and creating relationships with specific customers. How? Using content that connects with their wants, needs and desires. You’re probably already finding new customers with targeted ads that link to a landing page providing a magnetic offer. It’s free, they love it, you get their email address.

That bit is all great, but what about your website, social networks and emails? Do you have all the elements on your digital properties that optimise conversion opportunities?

Here are 15 things to immediately audit your digital assets to grow your email list and optimise conversions.

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The brief

  • Create competition incentives to entice the public into playing their Lotto game
  • Convert offline players and increase the number of players entering and paying online
  • Meet best-practice accessibility requirements, and guarantee a 100% uptime throughout the competition lifecycle

The process

  • Created ‘Lotto Treats’ campaign, where every entrant to the Lotto received a unique code to be used online to redeem for a minimum reward of £5
  • Build responsive microsite builds catering to all modern desktop and mobile browser
  • Ensure responsive email template builds meeting all best-practice email client and device requirements, replete with dynamic content to personalise each individual recipient’s email

The outcome

  • The competition received over 125,000 entries in the 10 days it was open to the public, with a peak volume of 5,400 entries per hour
  • Rewards were delivered via triggered emails, with the reward selected being dynamically inserted into the email
  • Executed the campaign in under five working weeksTractionNext automation platform

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Want higher email open rates, transactions, and click-through rates? You gotta get personal. Really personal.

Personalisation is King when it comes to email content. People expect you to know them well, and to tell them about the products and services that they’ll like – even if don’t yet know it exists. Highly customised content that reflects the customer’s profile and prior behaviour has the best chance of getting noticed in today’s saturated inboxes.

That’s why ‘Dynamic Content’ is among today’s hottest MarTech.

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WalkMe is now available on TractionNext

The TractionNext platforms continues to evolve, improving the user experience and adding value for customers.

The new WalkMe tool accelerates user adoption, employee training and cuts onboarding time for all team members. Allowing you to start producing high converting, engaging communication campaigns from day one.

Reduce user attrition and unsubscribe rates with targeted and perfectly executed, feature packed email campaigns – no matter the skill level of your team members.

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Key Highlights:

• 85% of people think it is at least moderately important for a business to put the consumers interests before their own

• Doing email right and properly

• Giving customers what they want

 • Customers come first

Customers want a genuine smile from your brand. Maybe even a dance. They yearn to be authentically loved, validated and showered in free ongoing gifts. They expect it all and your brand should expect nothing in return. If customers like all the attention you have lavished on their needs, wants and desires and the time is right – then maybe, just maybe, they’ll open their spending habit to you, fall madly into your sales funnel and buy, buy, buy, buy!

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Key Highlights:

• Solution overview

• Customer focus & promotional drivers

• Streamlining & automating the sales process

• Reporting insights & customer learning

Traction Digital created the in-store app used by Bay Leather Republic sales consultants to easily build design concepts, select colour changes and create on the spot quotes with the easy drag and drop tool. The app also integrates with the TractionNext marketing automation platform to collect customer data and fast track sales.

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Key Highlights:

• 50% of retail will be automated by 2020

• Discover emerging retail tech

• MarTech adoption

 • Adapting to change with automation

It is an exciting time for technology and innovation, with the consistent arrival of new start-ups, new technology and Government funded projects. It seems like every day a new app or exciting digital product arrives on the scene, ready to improve our lives and radically impact the way we see and do things.  Retail is certainly one standout industry where technology innovation is being adopted to streamline processes and improve customer experience in-store and online.

Retail experts predict that 50% of the retail industry will be automated by 2020. But the reality is, at the current pace of adoption it could be MUCH earlier than that. Brands will rush to automate to stay competitive and those who don’t adapt in time will fall by the way-side.

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Key Highlights:

• Will we begin to see privacy as a selling point?

• Triggered email will become a larger slice?

• Email marketing will see a second coming of age?

We have rounded up a selection of past email predictions from 2016 for your curiosity and amusement. It’s an interesting mix of those who hit the mark and those who just got it wrong.

Okay, we do have to commend all those involved for going out on a limb and making some brave statements and many are probably just well ahead of their time or maybe even wishful thinking. Read on for hits and giggles

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Key Highlights:

• Meeting email frequency expectations

• Data intelligence behind personal interactions

• Tips and best practice

The biggest email engagement mistake marketers can make, is to assume they know how often subscribers want to hear from them and secondly to assume that every customer is the same. Just because they share similar demographic details such as; location, age and gender etc, doesn’t mean they will share the same interests or behavioural tendencies when it comes to email frequency or preferred information.

By empowering customers to educate the marketer on what it is they want, marketers can then provide a more valuable customer experience.

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